Dhoomam Twitter Reaction: Fahadh Faasil’s Dhoomam gets mixed views from fans, acting strong but story lifeless

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Dhoom Twitter Review: Actor seen in films like Vikram and Pushpa fahad fasil Now he has made his debut with another South film. Actor’s film Dhoom has been released in theaters on June 23, 2023. The film has been released in many languages ​​and fans are Film They are also reacting about. This film of Fahadh is getting mixed views from the fans. Some people are liking the film, while there are some viewers who did not find the film anything special. Let us know how the film is getting reactions.

Talking about the film, a person said – Pawan Kumar’s work is weak. Its narrative is boring and the climax also does not satisfy. Dialogues also seem artificial. Apart from this, another person described the positive and negative points of the film. In positive points, the person included the story, Fahadh’s acting and the first half. While talking about negative points, the screenplay, direction and second half were described as boring.

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Overall, talking about the film, people have no problem with the acting. People are seen praising Fahad’s acting. On the other hand, talking about the film, its direction is being badly criticized. Fans are looking upset with the film’s director Pawan Kumar. This is the initial trend of the film’s release, in which the film seems to be leaving its impact in some ways, while there are some aspects in which the film has not been able to live up to its standards.

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The film has been released in languages ​​like Kannada, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam. It is set to be released on a total of 300 screens across the country. Apart from Fahad, the names of Aparna Balamurali, Joy Mathew, Roshan Mathew, Vineet Radhakrishnan and Anu Mohan are included in this film. Now it will be interesting to see how well this film does at the box office.

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