Dharmendra-Rajesh Khanna longed to work with this actress, did you recognize? ,

Asha Parekh: Childhood photos of Bollywood celebs keep going viral on social media. Meanwhile, these days also a photo is going viral rapidly. In which a little girl is seen doing classical dance. In fact, this actress was considered one of the most successful actresses of her time and films became hits only in her name. This is the reason why big directors and actors of the industry yearned to work with him.

Asha Parekh

The girl seen in the photo ruled the industry in 1960-70. Not only were the fans crazy about this actress, veteran actors like Shammi Kapoor, Shashi Kapoor, Rajesh Khanna and Dharmendra-Jitendra were also crazy about her and dreamed of marrying her, but this actress did not marry throughout her life. If you have not been able to recognize even after giving so many hints, then let us tell you that this actress is veteran actress Asha Parekh.

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in the early days Asha Parekh got rejection

Asha Parekh
Asha Parekh

It is said about Asha Parekh that she started working at the age of just 10. After this she debuted with Nasir Hussain’s film ‘Dil Deke Dekho’ and became a star overnight.

It was told about Asha Parekh that before her debut film, famous director Vijay Bhatt had removed her from his film. He even told Asha that you are not heroine material.1697942166 294 Dharmendra Rajesh Khanna longed to work with this actress did you

In the 1960-70s, Asha Parekh was considered the most successful actress of Hindi cinema. He was even considered a guarantee of hit films. Her pairing with Shammi Kapoor was very much liked by the audience. Told about Asha that after giving many hits together, she has also got the tag of ‘Hit Girl’ and ‘Jubilee Girl’.

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