Bobby Deol broke his silence on scenes being cut from the film Animal, said this for the film makers –

bobby deol: The film Animal, released in theaters on December 1, is creating havoc at the box office. Ranbir Kapoor is seen in the lead role in the film. Apart from this, Bobby Deol is also looking good in the role of villain. However, many people say that it would have been better if Bobby Deol’s scenes had been different in the film.

Bobby did tremendous acting in the film but his screen time is very less, due to which his fans are looking a bit disappointed. Amidst the discussions going on about fewer scenes in the film, Bobby Deol himself has broken his silence on this issue. During a conversation with a news agency, he spoke openly on this.

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Know what they said on less screen time bobby deol

bobby deol

On having less scenes in the film Animal, Bobby Deol said, ‘I am thankful to God and the film makers for whatever scenes I have got in the film. The length of the character does not matter to me. Actually, I had a role in the film which may not be a long one but was important.

‘To be honest, I wanted my scenes to be more but when I signed the film, I knew that my scenes would be less. I knew very well that I would not be on the set during the entire film. I had to shoot only for 15 days.

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bobby deol Thanked God and Director Sandeep Reddy

bobby deol
bobby deol

Bobby thanked God and director Sandeep Reddy Vanga for this wonderful film. Bobby said, ‘I am grateful to God that he got me a chance to work in Sandeep’s film. I knew that the audience would definitely notice me in this film. But I didn’t know that people would love me so much after watching the film.

Bobby says that after watching the film, fans are loving him and this is his biggest earning. Bobby said, ‘I am very happy that whatever scenes I have in the film, I have done them wholeheartedly and the audience has also liked them.’

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