Bigg Boss OTT 2 Day 6: Falak Naaz becomes the new captain, Babyka Dhruve wept bitterly because of Fukra Insan Abhishek Malhan

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Big Boss OTT Season 2 Updates: Streamed on Jio Cinema bigg boss ott season 2 In the latest episode, the trending updates of the 5th day were shown. The high point of this episode was the election of the captain of the house. Bigg Boss first puffed up person Abhishek Malhan and Cyrus Broacha was entrusted with the responsibility of electing the captain of the house. All the contestants tried to persuade him for his name but Cyrus took the name of Falak Naaz, while Fukra Insan Abhishek took the name of Akanksha Puri.

A contest took place between Akanksha-Abhishek and Cyrus-Falak, where the public had to choose one of the two as the captain. The public made Falak the captain of the house for the most votes. On becoming the captain of Falak, Cyrus was given two kilos of mutton by Bigg Boss.

Abhishek Malhan gossiped

Everyone was very happy for Falak when he became the captain, but in the meantime there was a fight between Babyka and Fukra Insan. Actually Manisha and Babyka were talking about the contestants and Bigg Boss in the washroom area. Manisha believed that there should be entry of 5 male contestants in the house. So that he can flirt with these contestants. During this, Babyka also jokingly said that Akanksha already has two options.

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baby started crying

Abhishek Malhan, who was half-hearted after listening to Babyka’s talk, shared this with Akanksha. Hearing this, Akanksha started abusing Babyka a lot. Babyka was very angry with this act of Abhishek. She narrated a lot to Abhishek but seeing the attitude of the family members towards her, Babyka’s patience broke and she started crying bitterly.

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