Big accident happened with ‘Jawan’ actress in Thailand, she escaped from the target of shooters, ran away to save her life

Aliya Qureshi witnessed the shooting incident: A long line of actresses were seen in Shahrukh Khan’s recently released film ‘Jawaan’. One name in this is also that of Alia Qureshi, who has recently written a post remembering the scary accident that happened to her. The actress has told how she saw a 14-year-old child firing in Thailand and two people died in that firing in front of her eyes.

Alia Qureshi has shared some pictures of the day of the accident on her Instagram, in which she is seen having fun with her friends. The actress has written a long post with these pictures and told how she and her friends were saved from being targeted by the shooter due to the delay in the ATM. He wrote, ‘Okay, this is difficult to write. But I don’t want my Instagram to become a place where I only talk about shine and happiness.

Alia escaped from the shooters’ target!
Alia further wrote- ‘No matter how terrible this may be, I am writing it here. As some of you have asked, I was in Thailand during the Siam Paragon shoot. Actually, I and two of my friends were in the mall when this incident happened. We were coming up the escalator when we saw a massive noise and someone shouted ‘shooter’. As we ran back downstairs, we heard three gunshots. It was a terrible experience.

‘Real life is also like action films…’
The ‘Jawan’ actress further wrote – ‘I am thankful that I and my friends escaped this alive and I feel very bad that 2 innocent people could not survive, I wish that real life was also like action films, where You can fearlessly jump into any brutal battle and survive. But when this happens, the only thought in your mind is to get out of there alive. To think that when the day started, we were relaxing and playing with dogs and by the end of the day we were running away from one.’

5 minutes delay saved life!
Sharing her experience, Alia further said, ‘Shooting in the mall, getting wet in the rain, desperately trying to find a tuk-tuk to take us home, is madness. Life is crazy and unpredictable. I know about this incident, but I just kept thinking, we spent 10 minutes in the currency exchange before getting on the escalator. It took longer than expected. What if we didn’t have any problems and just spent 5 minutes instead? Where would we have been during the shooting? In the store, close to that? I do not know.’

Expressed sympathy for the victims
Alia says that all this forces her to think that there is some divine timing which is like the burnt toast theory. She says, ‘Something troubling can turn out to be a blessing in disguise, maybe even saving your life. There are many things we don’t know. My heart goes out to all the friends and families of the two victims and the five injured.

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