Bhavna Chauhan mistook Johnny Sins for John Cena, the actress shared her work experience with the adult actor.

Bhavana Chauhan on Johnny Sins: Fans were left wide-eyed after seeing Ranveer Singh with Johnny Sins in an ad. Adult actor Johnny Sins collaborated with Ranveer Singh for an ad for sexual welfare brand Bold Care. There was a lot of uproar regarding this ad. Along with both the actors, TV actress Bhavana Chauhan was also seen in this ad. Now talking about the ad, Bhavna Chauhan revealed that earlier she thought that she was going to work with John Cena.

Speaking to India Today, Bhavna said, ‘I don’t know why I read the name wrong. But just think, I never dreamed that Johnny would be a part of such an ad. I thought that wrestlers work a lot in India and so I was foolish to think that it would be John Cena. It was only after getting the final details that I came to know that it was Johnny Sins.

Work Experience with Ranveer Singh
Regarding working with Ranveer Singh, the actress said, ‘It was very fun to be around him. Our energies matched well and he also told me how much he liked my work. However, Bhavna also told that she did not get much chance to talk to Johnny Sins during work because the actor was very professional.

What did Bhavna say on the controversy?
Bhavna Chauhan also talked about the negative response she was getting regarding the ad. He said that they are commercial and understand the impact of such things. He told that the original script of the ad was more fun but he changed it. According to him, his intention has always been to make this ad like a normal scene of a TV show so that everyone can watch it comfortably at home.

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