AskSRK: Fan asked- What is the secret of your messy hair? You will laugh after hearing Shahrukh Khan’s answer –

AskSRK: Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan is very active on social media. Meanwhile, on Wednesday (22 November), King Khan held an AskSRK session on microblogging site X. Actually, in this session, fans ask questions to their favorite actor and Shahrukh also answers all the questions in a very funny manner.

Let us tell you that since the release of the film Pathan, Shahrukh Khan has held AskSRK sessions several times. Actually, in this session most of the fans ask questions related to Shahrukh Khan’s films.

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What is the secret of Shahrukh Khan’s tousled hair? AskSRK


During a conversation with Shahrukh Khan, a fan asked, ‘The secret of your messy hair?’ In response to this fan’s question, King Khan wrote, ‘I apply Amla, Bhringraj and Fenugreek.’

This funny answer of Shahrukh is becoming increasingly viral on social media and funny reactions are coming from his fans too.

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Apart from this, a fan asked Shahrukh, ‘This time did Rajkumar Irani sir approach you or did you approach Hirani sir?’

In response to this question, King Khan wrote, ‘I had pitched a tent in front of Rajkumar Hirani’s house. Listened to the story there and signed the same. Editing is also going on there. Donkey.

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