Armaan Malik’s second wife felt bad while crying, this mess happened with Kritika –

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These days YouTubers are in power. In such a situation, Armaan Malik on YouTube (armaan malik, He is very active on social media and remains connected with his friends. And share every small and big thing related to your life through the blog. Armaan Malik shared a blog. In which his second wife Kritika Malik was in bad condition due to crying. Armaan Malik remains in the headlines because of his personal professional life. He has a strong fan following. He also keeps sharing small and big updates of his personal life with his fans.

Kritika Malik became distressed by crying

Kritika Malik

Armaan Malik’s second wife Kritika Malik was crying a lot. Armaan shared one of his blogs. In which she was also looking very innocent. Kritika Malik told that there was some problem with her Instagram. Because of which she is not able to watch any video. She was crying a lot because of this.

  Kritika Malik
Kritika Malik

Kritika tells her fans that she takes out time from her children to make videos with so much effort, but after that, she feels very bad when her hard work goes waste like this.

The feat was done with Kritika Malik

Let us tell you that all the drafts of Krutika Malik’s Instagram which contained 35 videos were destroyed. He requested the fans and said that if anyone knows how the draft can come back, please let me know. Kritika Malik takes out time from her children and makes her videos and all her videos go from draft. Because of which she became very sad.

  Kritika Malik
Kritika Malik

Armaan Malik’s both Kritika and Payal Malik are very popular. Almost everyone knows him. Everyone is curious to watch his videos. Armaan Malik married Kritika Malik in 2018 on YouTube. He has a fan following of millions on social media and he blogs on YouTube.

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