Adipurush: Saif Ali Khan mocked as Ravana in Adipurush

Saif Ali Khan: Prabhas, Kriti Sanon and Saif Ali Khan a film by ‘Adipurush’ Has been released today. Prabhas’ acting in the film is being highly praised, while Saif Ali Khan who became Ravana is being made fun of on social media. Seeing the joke played with Saif Ali Khan in the form of Dashanan, there has been a flood of funny comments on social media.

Ravana’s look is being made fun of since the release of Adipurush’s teaser. Everything from Saif’s look to his Pushpak Viman was trolled. Saif’s look in the role of Ravana was starting to look more like Alauddin Khilji. Now his ten-headed look is being made fun of.

Users did not like Saif’s look

People did not like the look of Saif Ali Khan as Ravana in Adipurush. From his spiky hairstyle to his long beard and mascara in his eyes, people are making fun of him. His look has been compared to the Mughals.

Saif Ali Khan in Adipurush looks more like a Mughal than Raavan

— Sameer (@agonyofsameer) June 16, 2023

A user has written on Twitter, Ravana’s look is disappointing. Also wrote while sharing the picture. God shoot an arrow in the stomach of the one who made them.

#Ravana Disappointing 🥺 to watch!!#AdipurushOn16th #Adipurush #AdipurushIn3D #Radiance #SaifAliKhan #kriti sanon #sunnysingh #omraut

– Movie Wallah (@Movies_Wallah) June 16, 2023

Ten-headed photo of Saif Ali Khan in Ravana’s look is going viral on Twitter. While sharing this picture, a user wrote, ‘Om Raut what did you do? Saif Ali Khan has been made a joker in Ravana’s look.


What you did #omraut

Seeing this clown disguise of Ravana#SaifAliKhan

— Kadak (@kadak_chai_) June 16, 2023

While sharing a video, a user has made fun of Saif Ali Khan in Adipurush. In this video, Saif Ali Khan’s move and style is being copied. Wrote while sharing this. Ravana in Adipurush.

Saif Ali Khan as Raavan in #Adipurush

— Nikhil (@ImSentencer) June 16, 2023

In Ramayana, you must have seen Ravana arriving in a magnificent Pushpak Vimana, but in Adipurush, you will be left laughing after seeing Saif Ali Khan’s Pushpak Vimana. In the film, Ravana abducts Sita on a ferocious bat.

is this a joke? it’s totally disappointing #BoycottBollywoodTotally #disappointingadipurish

– Rishabh Indrania Sanatani (@Mr_Indraniya) October 3, 2022

Although some people have found Saif Ali Khan’s acting very strong. While sharing a video of Saif, a user said that Saif has done a great acting in the film.

An exceptional performance by Saif Ali Khan in Adipurush. his acting is adorable #Adipurush

– VTV Ganesh 📈📉 (@ganesh_vtv) June 16, 2023

Overall, Saif Ali Khan, who became Ravana in Adipurush, is being made fun of a lot on social media. From his hair style to ten headed look, pictures are going viral. Fans are comparing Ravana of Adipurush with cartoons.

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