Adipurush Movie: Why Ravana could not touch Sita? That scene of ‘Adipurush’ in discussion; The author told the reason

Adipurush Scene Explain: Audience The movie ‘Adipurush’ is currently a huge craze on social media. The author has now told the reason behind that scene in this film.

The explanation is given by the author

Mumbai- Popular director Om Raut’s popular and much-awaited movie ‘Adipurush’ is currently in the limelight among the audience. The audience is very excited to watch this movie. The trailer of this film was released recently. Seeing this trailer, the audience is also appreciating the film and the makers. But along with this, a scene in the trailer is currently in discussion among the audience. This is the scene of Sita’s defeat. In the trailer, Ravana is shown carrying Mother Sita. But he has not touched Sita. Why is that? Netizens are now comparing it with Ramanand Sagar’s ‘Ramayana’. While in other places Ravana has been shown carrying Sita away, the audience has wondered why this was shown in ‘Adipurush’. Now the writer of the film Manoj Muntsheer has answered this by posting a post.

Keeping in mind all the studies done by Manoj, he wrote the story of ‘Adipurush’. Citing that study, Manoj said in this video, ‘Why didn’t Ravana touch Sita? Has the goodness suddenly awakened in him? No. Ravana took the golden Lanka from his own brother Kubera and became Lankapati himself. He did not respect women. Ravana fell in love with his own daughter-in-law Rambha. Because of his misdeeds, Rambha cursed him that if Ravana touched a woman’s body without her consent, his head would be chopped off. To prevent this curse from coming true, he chose a different way to defeat Sita. The reason for not touching Janaki was Ravana’s fear of death. Janaki remained safe in Ashoka Vatika because she had no one but Lord Rama in her mind.’

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