Abhishek Kumar claims the breakup was because of Isha’s mother, she was a villain for both of them

There is a lot of uproar these days in Salman Khan’s controversial reality show Bigg Boss 17. In fact, the situation at home has now gone beyond a war of words and has reached a scuffle. As the finale week is approaching, eliminations are taking place in full swing. Last week, Rinku Dhawan, Neil Bhatt and Anurag Doval were evicted from the house and now news is coming that soon two more contestants may be evicted from the house. A big name in which is Abhishek Kumar.

On one hand, Abhishek Kumar, who slapped Samarth, has been eliminated mid-week. On the other hand, on the basis of vote, Korean singer Oura has also been evicted from the house. Meanwhile, during a conversation with Munavvar in the episode of the show, Abhishek revealed that Isha’s mother had acted as a villain in his breakup with Isha.

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Abhishek Kumar Claims the breakup happened because of Isha’s mother

Abhishek Kumar

Abhishek (Abhishek Kumar) was seen talking to Munawwar about the reason for his breakup with Isha in the latest episode of Bigg Boss. During this, he revealed that their relationship ended because of Isha’s mother.

Referring to an incident that happened on the sets of the show Udariya, Abhishek said, ‘We were shooting the Diwali sequence for the show. During this time, he had a fight with his onscreen father. Things got worse when the makers of the show removed him from the scene. After which Isha stood up for him and he also refused to work in the scene. After this the makers called Isha’s mother. After which the mother started having problems with this relationship.

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Isha’s mother will break up with Samarth also

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During the conversation with Abhishek, Munavvar asked how long will the relationship between Isha and Samarth last? In response to this, Abhishek said that the day Isha’s growth exceeds Samarth’s capacity, their relationship will end. No one else but Isha Maa herself will get them broken up.

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