’72 Hooren’ got ‘A’ certificate, CBFC said about the ban on the release of the trailer, ‘Misleading news’

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72 Horrain: Controversy continues regarding the film ’72 Hoorain’ (72 Hoorain) exposing terrorism and brainwash agenda. Recently news came that the makers of the film got a blow from the CBFC and the censor board refused to clear the trailer of the film. However, now the side of the censor board has also come forward on this whole issue. According to the information given by the Censor Board, the trailer of the film was not rejected, but the film was given an ‘A’ certificate. The Censor Board has denied the news of rejecting the trailer, calling it misleading.

The film was given an A certificate by the censor board.

At the same time, according to the information given by the Censor Board, along with the notice, the makers of the film were also given time to file the necessary documents as per the prescribed procedure. After which permission was to be given to release this trailer with editing. On the other hand, it has been said from the board that the board has not yet received any response from the makers on the notice.

The trailer of the film was released digitally

In fact, in the film 72 Hooren, issues like terrorism and brainwashing of innocent people have been raised very vocally. Different reactions were already seen from different sections regarding the sensitive subject of this film. However, even after not getting the permission to release the trailer from the censor board, the makers did not back down and the trailer of this film was released digitally.

Film-makers were not made to earn money

Regarding the film, the makers say that they have made this film not to earn money but to draw people’s attention to a very serious and sensitive issue. At the same time, in the controversy over the trailer of this film, CBFC has also put forth its stand.

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