Defamation case filed against Salman’s neighbor, court did not give interim order


Facebook, Twitter and search engine Google have also been made parties in this lawsuit.


A defamation case has been filed against his neighbor on behalf of actor Salman Khan. However, in this case, the Mumbai City Civil Court refused to pass any interim order on Friday. Salman Khan has filed a civil suit. The case alleges that Ketan Kakkar, the owner of a plot of land near his farmhouse in Panvel, near Mumbai, used derogatory words towards him during an interview with a YouTube channel.

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During the hearing, Judge Anil H Laddha directed Kakkar to file his reply. The court has fixed January 21 for the next hearing of the case. Lawyers representing Khan sought an interim order to restrain Kakkar from making any further statements during the pendency of the trial. Kakkar’s lawyers Abha Singh and Aditya Pratap, however, opposed the request, saying that they got the papers of the case only on Thursday evening and they could not be seen in its entirety.

Advocate Singh also said that there is no hurry and if Salman Khan waited for a month to file the suit, Kakkar should get some time to file his reply as well. The judge then adjourned the hearing. Salman Khan, who lives in Mumbai’s suburban Bandra, has a farmhouse in Panvel in the neighboring Raigad district. Kakkar, who hails from Mumbai, also has a plot on a hill next to Khan’s farmhouse. According to Khan’s lawsuit, Kakkar made false remarks against the actor while talking to a YouTuber. Two other persons who took part in the show have also been made defendants.

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Khan has also made YouTube, social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and search engine Google as parties to the lawsuit and demanded that they be directed to block and remove “derogatory content” from their websites. Khan seeks a standing order restraining Kakkar from posting or publishing derogatory material about him or his farmhouse

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