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Conscience is found only in truth, know what is its meaning in life

Ordinary knowledge in extraordinary quantity in life is called discretion, to know what it means in life, read the mantras of success.

Conscience is found only in truth, know what is its meaning in life

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Madhukar Mishra

Madhukar Mishra

Updated on: Nov 24, 2022 | 5:43 AM

Prudence is the salt of life and imagination is its sweetness. Discretion is such a quality associated with life, the need of which remains with a person throughout his life. The person who does not have the quality called conscience, can never be happy in life. The biggest identity of discretion is that a prudent person is always happy, he never gets angry on the provocation of others, nor does he think of taking revenge from anyone. Man can attain the Supreme Soul only through self-knowledge, self-control, devotion, devotion, etc. Let us read the mantras of success to know the importance of discretion in human life.

  1. Wisdom is born through worship. Due to being prudent, both sorrow and joy do not happen in momentary things.
  2. By finding a prudent man, virtues are also attained by beauty in the same way, like a jewel studded with gold is highly beautified.
  3. The food of anger is conscience, so it should always be avoided, because when conscience is destroyed, everything of a person is destroyed.
  4. The person who learns the rules related to discretion but does not adopt it in his life, is exactly like a farmer who has plowed his field and irrigated it but did not sow seeds in it.
  5. The person who does not have his own discretion, it does not make any difference whether he has scriptures or not. The mirror is useless for a blind person, in the same way scriptures are also useless for him without discretion.

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