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China’s strength increasing at Djibouti base near Indian Ocean, now Navy Chief gave this answer

Navy Chief on Pentagon Report: On China’s growing influence in the Indian Ocean and the increasing activities of the Chinese Navy in the Djibouti base, Navy Chief R Hari Kumar (R. Hari Kumar) said that our relations with friendly countries are very good. We are trying to counter China.

In fact, the Defense Annual Report regarding China was released by the US, in which shocking revelations were made. According to media reports, in the month of March this year, a FUCHI II class ship was present at the Djibouti base, which proves that this base is fully operational. On the question asked about this, the Navy Chief said that in the last 15 years, India has given training to 15 thousand naval officers, due to which we have good relations with many countries. We have given ships and helicopters to many countries. We are also building infrastructure in friendly countries. Through this, we are trying to counter the growing influence of China.

The infrastructure that has been created in Djibouti is…

The Pentagon report said that China is increasing its stockpile of nuclear weapons. By the year 2035, China will have more than 1500 nuclear weapons. Mentioning the Djibouti base in this report, it was said that China can increase its power manifold in the Indian Ocean. Also, any aircraft carrier and submarine can be deployed in the infrastructure that China has prepared in Djibouti. It was also claimed that China is looking for such places where it can set up its military base. By doing this, he tries to strengthen himself in comparison to other countries.

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Indian Navy’s keen eye

At the same time, the Indian Navy has kept a close watch on the increasing power of China in the Indian Ocean. Referring to this, the Indian Navy said on Wednesday, 30 November, that cases of Chinese incursions into the Indian Ocean are not uncommon. The Indian Navy monitors this area with the help of satellites and seaplanes. Earlier, China’s spy ship had infiltrated the Indian Ocean region twice in a row.

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