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China is giving blow after blow to Apple, now 6 million iPhones have been damaged

iPhone Pro Production: The demand for the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models launched under the iPhone 14 Series launched by Apple this year is very high. But it is being said that this year there may be a shortage of 6 lakh units, what is the reason behind this.

China is giving blow after blow to Apple, now 6 million iPhones have been damaged

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apple iphone We all know how popular the models are among the customers all over the world, but recently the information related to the iPhone models is surprising. tell that this year iPhone Pro There can be a huge drop in the production of models. iPhone manufacturing company for Apple Foxconn Due to the poor condition of the Zhengzhou factory located in China, production has been severely affected due to disturbance among the employees.

This is the reason that this year there can be a shortfall of about 6 million units in the production of the iPhone Pro model. For the information of the people, let us tell you that the maximum production of iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max takes place in this factory located in Zhengzhou, China. These two models coming under the iPhone 14 Pro Series are in great demand this year.

According to Bloomberg’s report, let us tell you that Apple has reduced its production target of making 90 million units to 87 million units. Even before the protests in Zhengzhou last week, analyst Morgan Stanley predicted earlier this month that there would be a production shortfall of about 6 million iPhone Pro models this year.

Falling Apple Shares: Let us tell you that Apple’s stock fell by 2.6 percent on Monday, after which the company’s shares have come down to $144.22. For the information of you people, let us tell you that this year Apple’s stock has seen a decline of 19 percent.

Foxconn is giving bonus to stop workers

Let us tell you that last week more than 20 thousand people had resigned from this factory of Foxconn, the company making Apple iPhone models. Recently, information had come to the fore that the company is also giving bonus of up to Rs 1 lakh 47 thousand to stop its workers so that the speed of work can be increased.

Why did the workers protest? In this plant located in Zhengzhou, China, a large number of workers protested due to the restrictions imposed due to Corona and delay in salary payment.

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