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Black flags shown to Owaisi in Gujarat, Go Back slogans in Ahmedabad road show

Asaduddin Owaisi Ahmedabad Road Show: The political battle of Gujarat assembly elections is getting interesting now. Every day something new is being seen in Gujarat. On the one hand there is the rhetoric of the leaders and on the other hand the leaders are also facing opposition. AIMIM, which is contesting on some seats in Gujarat, had to face fierce opposition in Ahmedabad. On Friday, Asaduddin Owaisi was doing a roadshow and during that time he was shown black flags.

According to the information received, black flags were shown to the road show near Shahpur Mill Compound. Owaisi was accompanied by Jamalpur’s AIMIM candidate Sabir Kabliwala and hundreds of his supporters in the road show. Local people also raised slogans of ‘Owaisi go back’ in the road show. It is also being claimed in the media reports that the local people also raised slogans in support of the Congress.

A similar protest took place in Surat East as well.

Even before this, Owaisi has faced similar protests in many Muslim areas of Gujarat. Two weeks back, Muslim youths in Surat East showed black flags at AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi’s public meeting. During this, the youths also raised slogans of ‘Modi, Modi’. It is noteworthy that there is also Gopipura area in Surat East, where significant Muslim population lives.

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Owaisi started crying in the election rally

Please tell that during an election rally on Friday, Asaduddin Owaisi started crying bitterly. He had come to Jamalpur to give speech for his candidate Sabir. Owaisi said that may Allah make you Sabir MLA, so that we do not see any Bilkis Banan again in our life. Owaisi said while crying that there will be no shortage in your treasury… I am begging in front of you.

‘Rahul Gandhi won’t be able to stand in front of me for five minutes’

During the rally in Jamalpur, Owaisi also targeted Rahul Gandhi. He said that your MLA is useless, who has been cheating the people of this assembly for five years. Owaisi said that if Rahul Gandhi is called for a debate, he will not be able to stand in front of me even for five minutes. Owaisi further said, “The lies of Congress will be shattered in front of our truth, the people of Congress will become dumb in front of our tongue.”

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