Upgraded version of this electric scooter has arrived, will get more driving range with advanced features

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Image credit source: Komaki

Electric vehicle maker Komaki has launched an upgraded version of its SE electric scooter range with advanced features and more mileage. Let us tell you that there are three models in this range, Eco, Sport and Sport Performance Upgrade. How much do these upgraded scooters cost and with what advanced features are they packed? Let’s know.

Komaki SE Price

The company has fixed the price of Komaki SE Eco scooter at Rs 96 thousand 968, while the price of Komaki SE Sport is Rs 1 lakh 29 thousand 938. At the same time, the price of SE Sport Performance Upgrade variant of this scooter is Rs 1 lakh 38 thousand 427. Let us tell you that these prices are the ex-showroom price of this scooter.

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The Komaki SE electric scooter has been launched with dual disc brakes and new LED DRL design for a trendy look. The company has now introduced the Komaki SE electric scooter range with a LiFePO4 smart battery, which the company says is fire resistant. The battery of this scooter gets charged up to 100 percent in four to five hours.

driving range

The Eco model offers a range of 75 to 90 km on a single full charge, while the Sport model of this scooter offers a range of 110 to 140 km. Apart from this, the SE Sport Performance Upgrade model will come with a driving range of 150 km to 180 km on a single full charge.

In the Komaki SE range, you will get features like 3000 watt hub motor, LED front winkers, parking assist, 50 AMP controller, reverse assist and cruise control. Talking about other features, features like TFT screen, on-the-move calling option, sound system and ready-to-ride will also be seen along with on-board navigation.

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Talking about advanced features, with these electric scooters, you will also get to see features like keyless entry and anti-skid technology. Talking about the speed limit, the top speed of the Eco model is 55 to 60 km, the top speed of SE Sport and SE Sport Performance Upgrade model is 75 to 80 km.

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