Toyota is making amazing batteries, electric car will be charged in 10 minutes, range will be 1000 km

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2023 Toyota Prius PrimeImage credit source: Toyota

Now the day is not far when you will be able to travel 1000 km in one go while driving an electric car. Not only this, electric cars will be charged in just 10 minutes. legendary automobile company toyota Has announced to make solid-state battery more advanced. Apart from this, the company will work on improving the range and performance of new electric vehicles. While doing all these things, the cost will also be taken care of, so that people get the benefit of EV facilities at an affordable price.

Toyota is the largest car company in the world. However, Tesla is the king of the electric car world. It also wants to make itself the number one company in the Japanese electric car market.

That’s why the company has revealed its plan. Under this, the auto company will improve the development and manufacturing facility of the next generation battery.

Range will be 1000km

The Japanese car company is currently working on the development of next-generation lithium-ion batteries. These can be introduced in 2026. Next generation batteries will come with more range and better fast charging capability. In particular, Toyota is working on developing an electric car that can travel 1,000 km on a single charge.

Car will be fully charged in 10 minutes

The company wants to make such an electric car that gets fully charged in just 10 minutes. Toyota will challenge Tesla through a new plan. Currently, the Tesla Model Y has a range of 530 km on a single charge. Toyota’s new electric cars will leave behind the Model Y range. This can be done due to the better battery capacity of the electric car.

long lasting battery

The problem of charging comes in the way of buying an electric car. It takes many hours to charge them, and they do not last even for years. Toyota can play an important role in getting rid of this problem. The company is planning to develop such solid-state batteries, which will be far ahead in terms of durability, and will give long support to the customers.

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