The world’s first road-to-air car will come soon, the US government gave approval

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Update: Monday, July 3, 2023, 14:45 [IST]

Like me, you too must have seen flying cars in Hollywood movies, now this fiction is going to come true soon. Now such an electric car is going to come soon which will work on the road as well as fly in the air.

Recently the US government has approved the world’s first such car which will be a flying car. US-based Aleph Aeronautics has developed such a flying car, which is known as Model A, and has also received approval.

The world's first road-to-air car will come soon, the US government gave approval

It has received special airworthiness certification from the government. This is a historic decision as this is the first time such a vehicle has been certified in the US. Now soon many information about this will come to the fore.

A company official said, “The FAA is currently working on its policy for an electrical vertical takeoff and landing vehicle, as well as on such a vehicle and ground infrastructure.”

The world's first road-to-air car will come soon, the US government gave approval

Aleph Aeronautics developed its prototype in 2016 to meet certain requirements such as car-like maneuverability, vertical takeoff capability and affordability. The company claims that the Model A will have a driving range of 200 miles.

And its flight range is 110 miles. Additionally, the company said the car, which is priced at $300,000, started presales in October 2022 and has received over 440 reservations till the end of last year.

The world's first road-to-air car will come soon, the US government has given approval

Aleph Aeronautics has been test driving and test flying its prototype since 2019. It is being said that the production of Model A could start from the fourth quarter of 2025. At the same time, the company is preparing to develop many other models.

It also includes a four-passenger sedan called the Model Z, which could be introduced in 2035. The Model Z can have a flying range of over 300 miles and a driving range of over 200 miles. Its starting price can be $ 35,000.

At the beginning of the year the company’s CEO said that Aleph aims to deliver the first true flying car in history, and getting so many pre-orders is great validation. Now it has to be seen when its production version will be seen.

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The flying car has received approval from the US government

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