Shahrukh Khan regretted not wearing helmet after 31 years, said this big thing

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Update: Wednesday, June 28, 2023, 15:27 [IST]

Who does not know Shahrukh Khan today, today he has become the king of Bollywood. But initially in films, he got fame from the film Deewana. But has he regretted a scene done in this film? What is this scene? Let’s find out

Usually people make many mistakes in the initial stages of their career, for which we regret later. Now Shahrukh Khan is also regretting riding a bike without a helmet in a scene in one of the early films of his career, Deewaan.

Shahrukh Khan regretted not wearing helmet after 31 years, said this big thing

The film Deewana was released in 1992 and Shah Rukh was young then. During the shooting of a song in the film Deewana, he had to ride a bike and in that scene he can be seen riding a bike without a helmet. This may have been done because of bringing the face to the camera.

A fan of Shahrukh shared the video of this song on Twitter and in which he and his friends can be seen without helmets. This user had asked Shahrukh a question, “How do you feel when you see your spectacular entry?”

Shahrukh Khan regretted not wearing helmet after 31 years, said this big thing

On this, Shah Rukh replied to this user and wrote, “(I) had to wear a helmet!!!”. Since then, the discussion of Shahrukh’s reply started on social media and users started talking about the importance of helmets.

Helmet is a very important accessory during bike riding. India ranks first in the country with the highest number of deaths in road accidents worldwide. Strict rules have been made for two wheeler riders in India but people still do not follow it.

India is the most populous country in the world, due to which the number of vehicles on the road is also the highest. Along with this, the condition of Indian roads is also not good, due to which there is constant fear of accidents.

The Government of India and the State Governments continuously run campaigns to make two wheeler riders aware. At the same time, strict fines are imposed for not following the traffic rules, but despite this, the situation of traffic accidents is not getting better.

31 years ago, there was not much awareness about helmets in the country due to which riders generally did not wear helmets. But Shahrukh has now accepted his mistake and said that he should have worn a helmet. Always ride a bike wearing a helmet.

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Shahrukh regrets not wearing a helmet in this film

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