MG Comet: Complete the craze of EV cheaply, the cost of running this car for a month is only Rs 519!

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MG Comet EV Charging Cost: MG Motors launched its small electric car COMET EV in the affordable segment for the customers. In this Chutku, the company has given two doors and four people can travel comfortably in this car. But whenever it comes to an electric vehicle or someone goes to buy an EV, then only one question is roaming in everyone’s mind that how much will it cost to run the car for a month?

Today we are going to tell you about the monthly charging cost of MG Comet, the cheapest electric car of MG Motors. You will also think that you know that the company had told at the time of launch that the monthly cost of this car will be Rs 519, but what is the truth behind it? Let’s know.

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MG Comet EV Charging Cost: What is the monthly charging cost of this car?

Remind that when MG Motors launched this Chutku car for the customers, it was told that the charging cost of this car is very low. The cost of charging this car for a month will be only Rs 519. Please tell that this price is equal to the price of a pizza.

Everyone was surprised to hear Rs 519, maybe you too would have been shocked, but what is the truth behind it? Today we are going to give you detailed information about this.

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One thing that is worth noting here is that the company has calculated this cost keeping in mind the run of one thousand kilometers, according to 1 thousand kilometers, it happened that you ran this car for about 33 kilometers per day. Can.

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