From new jobs to cheaper EVs, Tesla’s entry in India will change a lot

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After the recent meeting of PM Modi and Tesla CEO Elon Musk, it has been decided that the customers will not have to wait long for the Make in India Tesla car. Musk has confirmed that he will invest in India as soon as possible, now many questions arise as to what major changes will be seen from Tesla’s entry in India.

Electric vehicles will get a boost

Tesla, the world’s largest electric vehicle maker, is known for its advanced EV technology and attractive design. After Tesla’s entry in India, the interest of customers towards electric vehicles in India may increase, which means that overall the EV segment can get a boost from Tesla’s entry in India.

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Work will be done on infrastructure

Supporting Tesla’s operations will require the development of electric charging infrastructure across the country. This simply means that investment in charging stations can increase and a strong charging network can be developed. If work is done on the infrastructure of the EV charging station, then it will be convenient for the customers buying the electric vehicle to charge the vehicle.

Competition and Innovation

Tesla’s entry in India will increase competition in the electric segment. Domestic automakers and other international electric vehicle makers may try to ramp up research and development efforts besides improving their electric vehicle offerings to stay competitive. This means that along with innovation, technology will also advance rapidly and affordable electric vehicle options can open up for Indian customers.

new employment opportunities

One of the biggest advantages of Tesla’s entry in India will be that new jobs will come in India in different sectors such as manufacturing, research and development, sales and service etc. Not only this, the company is also preparing to set up its manufacturing plant in India, if the company’s manufacturing plant is set up, it will create new job opportunities in the supply chain.

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This effect will be on the environment

As we told you that if Tesla enters India, then it can increase the interest of customers for electric vehicles, that is, people can leave petrol and diesel vehicles and shift towards EV. If this happens, there will be a positive impact on the environment such as the level of air pollution will decrease, greenhouse gas emissions will decrease and dependence on fossil fuels will decrease.

Changes in government policies and incentives

It is expected that with the arrival of Tesla in India, the government can change its policies and the amount of incentives to promote electric vehicles, the amount of incentives includes tax and subsidy etc.

Reduction in the price of electric vehicles

If Tesla enters India, then there can be a reduction in the prices of electric vehicles. This is because Tesla will manufacture vehicles locally which will reduce the import duty.

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