Attempt to cultivate ‘Jatland’ on the pretext of Jewar International Airport, PM Modi’s second ‘master stroke’ in a week


New Delhi:

Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly Elections 2022 before Prime Minister Narendra Modi Not only has it tried to highlight its government’s commitment towards development by laying the foundation stone of the Jewar International Airport in Noida’s adjoining Delhi, but has also tried to highlight its government’s commitment to the development of western UP on the pretext of the state’s fifth international airport. Tried to further strengthen BJP’s slipping ground in Jatland.

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The farmers, especially the Jats, were getting disillusioned with the BJP government for the past one year because of the farmers’ agitation. In such a situation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 19 November announced the withdrawal of the first three agricultural laws and tried to woo the farmers, especially the Jat voters of western UP. At the same time, within a week, he has done a second masterstroke by laying the foundation stone of the International Airport in Jewar, Noida and doing Bhoomipujan, but how effective it will be in the era of anti-incumbency, it is difficult to say at the moment.

In fact, after the farmers’ agitation in western Uttar Pradesh, it is being seen as a major effort of the BJP in the direction of bridging the social equations and challenges arising out of the SP-RLD alliance. Let us inform that Western UP has played an important role in ending the political exile of BJP in Uttar Pradesh in 2017. Of the total 403 assembly seats in the state, 136 come from this region. Of these, 80 percent of the seats went to the BJP.

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Therefore, BJP does not want it to be wiped out from this area after the farmers’ agitation. In such a situation, BJP has tried to hit many targets with one arrow by directly landing the Prime Minister in Jatland. He himself said on this occasion that this airport would be effective in changing the situation. He said that this airport will become the logistics gateway of northern India and the center of Gatishakti scheme.

The strategic location of Jewar Airport will provide employment opportunities to the people of Aligarh, Hapur, Greater Noida, Ghaziabad, Bulandshahr, while many business activities will start in this area. The Prime Minister has also tried to send a message through this project that when there is a double engine government, the state can run on the track at the expected pace of development. He also tried to convey to the voters on the same pretext that if the BJP government is formed in the state again, then Uttar Pradesh can become a state with best facilities.

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According to officials, Rs 4588 crore will be spent on this airport and its first phase will be ready before the Lok Sabha elections of 2023 i.e. 2024. For this 2000 acres of land has been acquired. It is believed that it will be the fourth largest airport in the world and the largest in Asia. Western Uttar Pradesh including Delhi will get special benefit through this project. By 2050, this airport will be completely ready.


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