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Another letter bomb from Mahathug! Sukesh Chandrasekhar has now made these allegations in a letter to DG Tihar

Sukesh Chandrashekhar writes to DG Tihar Jail: Alleged gangster Sukesh Chandrasekhar has written a letter to the Director General of Tihar Jail, in which he has accused the jail officials of taking bribe. He has said that either the jail officials should be transferred or his jail should be changed because there is a danger to life here.

Sukesh has made these allegations in his letter-

  • The Superintendent Rajkumar and Deputy Superintendent Jai Singh who have been transferred in Jail No. 14 (where Sukesh is lodged) have taken Rs. I was imprisoned.
  • After this, even in 2021, Rajkumar was threatening me and extorting five lakh rupees every month, which I had complained to the Supreme Court as well. This money was transferred from different accounts on behalf of my secretary.
  • In 2021, when I was lodged in jail number one, Deputy Superintendent Jai Singh along with his Associate Deputy Superintendent beat me up and abused my family, which I complained to then DG Sandeep Goyal and later to Harinagar Police Station Was.
  • Sukesh has requested DG Tihar that now his life is in danger from Rajkumar and Jai Singh in this jail. Therefore, either his jail should be changed or both of them should be transferred.

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