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Always remember these important rules while worshiping God at home or temple

If you are not getting the full result of worshiping God even after a lot of worship, then you must follow the rules mentioned in this article to make it successful.

Puja Ke Niyam: Always remember 10 important rules while worshiping God at home or temple

Important rules related to the worship of God

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Hindu Worship Rules: Every person worships his deity every day wishing for his welfare, but sometimes some people complain that even after worshiping a lot, God’s grace is not showering on them. If there is something similar with you and even after worshiping in the morning and evening, the sufferings related to your life are not getting fulfilled and your wishes are not being fulfilled, then you must know about all those rules related to God, which should be followed. You get the blessings of your deity very soon. Come Hindu Religion Let us know in detail about all the important rules related to the worship of God.

  1. The worship of God should always be done with full devotion and dedication with full devotion and faith by facing towards east or north direction in Ishan angle.
  2. According to Hindu religious belief, the first rule of worship of any deity is that worship of Ganapati is done to make that worship complete and successful without any hindrance.
  3. According to the Sanatan tradition, worship of any deity should never be done wearing black clothes. It is believed that wearing black clothes brings negative feelings in the mind.
  4. In Hindu religion, there are certain rules for lighting a lamp in the worship of God. For example, a broken lamp should never be lit. Similarly, while worshiping, two lamps should not be lit together. Oil and ghee lamps should not be lit together even by mistake.
  5. Tulsi Dal should always be offered to Lord Vishnu, Shri Krishna, Thakur Ji, Hanuman Ji while offering Bhog, but Tulsi Dal should never be broken in the evening and on Sunday, Tuesday and Ekadashi. In such a situation, Tulsi ji should be plucked and kept a day before.
  6. One should never circumambulate God while worshiping in the temple or at home. Lord Shiva is such a deity, whose only half circumambulation is prescribed. In such a situation, after doing half of his circumambulation, he should return.
  7. While worshiping Hanuman ji, women should not touch his idol at all. Women should also offer vermilion to Hanuman ji to Hanuman ji through a priest or a man.
  8. According to Hindu belief, while worshiping God at night, bells and conch shells should not be played in worship.
  9. According to religious belief, after worshiping in the evening at home or temple, a curtain should be put on the place of worship and after taking bath and meditation in the morning, that curtain should be removed at the time of worship of God.
  10. To get the full fruit of the worship of God, one should always worship him with full devotion and dedication with faith.

(The information given here is based on religious beliefs and folk beliefs, there is no scientific evidence for it. It has been presented here keeping in mind the general public interest.)

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