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Akasa Air will start more than 150 flights by the end of September! Know what is the full name of the company

Akasa Air: Akasa Air started its first flight operations on 7 August this month and now has three routes – Mumbai-Ahmedabad Flights, Bengaluru-Kochi Flights and Bangalore-Mumbai (Bengaluru-Mumbai Flights). Akasa Air flights are also flying for For now, the airline will operate two flights daily in each direction on the Bengaluru-Mumbai route. Akasa Air, which started services on the Bengaluru-Mumbai route on Friday, expects to operate over 150 weekly flights by the end of September.

A company release said, “While further expanding its operations on the Bengaluru-Mumbai route, the airline will introduce an additional daily flight from August 30, 2022 and another from September 19, 2022. ” It will also introduce a new route connecting Bengaluru to Chennai from September 10.

Here is the complete planning of the company

According to the company, it is expected to cross 150 weekly flights by the end of September. Akasa Air has already announced flights for six routes in five cities – Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Kochi, Bengaluru and Chennai. At present, the company has three aircraft out of which the third was received on 16 August. It plans to add one new aircraft every two weeks and will have a fleet size of 18 aircraft by the end of March 2023. Over the next four years, the airline will add 54 additional aircraft, taking its total fleet size to 72 aircraft.

The company thanked Jhunjhunwala

On August 17, days after the death of Akasa Air’s principal investor Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, the airline’s CEO Vinay Dubey said the carrier was well capitalized and secured its growth with the financial means to place orders for more aircraft.

“Thanks to Jhunjhunwala, for which we will be forever grateful, Akasa Air is a well capitalized airline with the financial means to induct 72 aircraft in the next five years. Strong that Akasa will be allowed to order an aircraft in the next 18 months which will be much larger than what we already have. In simple words, our growth is secure.”

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