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After the narco test, Aftab in the observation of the doctors, the test lasted for about two hours.

Shraddha Murder Case: The narco test of Aftab Poonawalla, the accused who continuously misled the Delhi Police in the Shraddha Murder Case of Delhi, lasted for about an hour and 50 minutes. During this, the police asked him many questions related to the murder and conspiracy. After this test, he has been kept under observation of doctors.

Sources said that Aftab answered most of the questions during the narco test. During this he gave many answers in English and took some time to answer some. He remained silent in many questions, when the team repeatedly asked questions, he answered. Now Aftab will be brought to FSL lab after two or three days according to the opinion of doctors for post narco test.

FSL experts will talk

According to FSL sources, during the post narco test, Aftab will be informed about the answers given during the narco test. If there is a difference between the answers given in Aftab’s polygraph test and narco test, then he will be asked why it is so. FSL experts will also talk to him during the post narco test.

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Confessed to crime in polygraph test

Earlier, Aftab Poonawala has confessed his crime in the polygraph test. However, during the polygraph test, he tried to create trouble several times. Many times his test had to be stopped midway due to ill health and frequent coughing. After this, in the end, he confessed to killing Shraddha Walkar in this test and dismembering her body and throwing it in many areas.

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