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After LAC, China is now increasing strength in Indian Ocean, shocking revelations in US report

Pentagon Report on China: China’s relations with India have always been bad, the biggest reason for this is that China’s eyes have been continuously on grabbing the land of its neighboring countries. Then whether it is Galvan or Arunachal Pradesh, everywhere China has tried to intrude many times. Due to which an atmosphere of tension has been created between the Indian Army and the Chinese Army. After LAC, now China is becoming a big challenge for India even in the maritime border. The presence of the Chinese Army in the Indian Ocean region is causing trouble for the Indian Navy. Now America has made many revelations regarding this in its dossier.

Revealed in the report of the US Military Department
Recently, the Defense Annual Report regarding China was released by the US, in which many shocking revelations have been made. In this report released by the Pentagon, it has also been told how China is increasing its stock of nuclear weapons and by the year 2035, China will have more than 1500 dangerous nuclear weapons. In this American report, the Djibouti base has also been mentioned, from where China can increase its power manifold in the Indian Ocean.

In one of its reports, NDTV released satellite pictures of this base, in which it was seen that China has deployed a giant ship here, which is very important for the Chinese army from the point of view of war. Now in this report about America’s China, it has also been told that in March this year, a FUCHI II class ship was present at the Djibouti base, which proves that this base is fully operational.

Aircraft carriers and submarines can be stationed at the base
It has been further told in the report that any aircraft carrier and submarine can be deployed in the infrastructure created by the Chinese Army in Djibouti. That is, it is like a big war base for the Chinese army, from where the Chinese army can do any kind of action. China keeps looking for such bases in small countries where it can set up its military base. By doing this, he continuously works to strengthen himself as compared to other countries.

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For a long time, China has been continuously engaged in making aircraft carriers, from which all types of fighter aircraft can be operated. Right now China has three such aircraft carriers, which have different capabilities. On the other hand, if we talk about the Indian Navy, then there are only two big aircraft carriers here. One of which is INS Vikramaditya made in Russia and the other is INS Vikrant. Which may take a few more months to become fully operational.

Trying to escape from America’s eyes
China is going to do something big near this entire area in the Indian Ocean, this is also proved by the fact that it is making every possible effort to hide it. It has been told in the American report that to avoid our eyes, the Chinese army is adopting many types of tactics. Lasers have been installed on the ground to blind American drones and satellites, as well as the Chinese army is continuously targeting US drones.

The US report states that China is planning to deploy additional military forces in Djibouti. To strengthen its presence in the South China Sea, China has built several artificial islands here. According to a report of the year 2021, China is also continuously building at Reem Naval Base in Cambodia. All kinds of facilities are being expanded in the ports here, which will be necessary for docking of large military ships.

Talking about the Djibouti Navy base, China is building it since 2016. China has spent about $ 590 million in building this base. The base is located on the Bab-el-Mandeb Strait, one of the major channels of international trade. That is why Djibouti base is like a big challenge for India.

Indian army’s keen eye
The Indian Navy is also keeping a close watch on the increasing power of China in the Indian Ocean. In the latest statement, the Indian Navy also mentioned this. On Wednesday 30 November, it was said by the Navy that cases of Chinese intrusion in the Indian Ocean are not uncommon. Navy said that it is committed to protect the interests of the country in this strategic area. Vice Admiral MA Hampiholi, head of the Southern Naval Command, said that the Indian Navy monitors the region with the help of satellites and seaplanes. Earlier, China’s spy ship had infiltrated the Indian Ocean region twice in a row.

When asked about the news of Chinese spy ship reaching Sri Lankan port, Hampiholi said, “China’s intrusion in the Indian Ocean region is not unusual. They have been coming here for some time now. I assure you that we keep the areas of our interest under strict vigil. We do this in many ways.

Chinese spy ship in Sri Lanka
About three months ago, a Chinese ballistic missile and satellite tracking ship anchored at Sri Lanka’s Hambantota port. On 13 August, the Sri Lankan government allowed the ship to anchor from the 16th to the 22nd of that month on the condition that it would keep its Automatic Identification System (AIS) off in the country’s exclusive economic zone and conduct any scientific research in its waters. will not be done. India had expressed concern over this visit of the ship. India suspected that this Chinese ship has been deployed here for the purpose of espionage.

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