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Aftab’s ‘confession’ is not enough to bring him to the gallows – experts

Aftab Poonawala Confession: Delhi’s Shraddha murder case has become a topic of discussion in the whole country these days. Accused Aftab has also accepted in the court about killing Shraddha and throwing the dead body into 35 pieces. The voice of hanging Aftab is being raised from all over the country, but experts believe that even his confession before the court is not enough to take him to the gallows.

Police say that Aftab has confessed to killing Shraddha. Aftab has also accepted the crime in the polygraph test. Aftab’s lawyer Avinash Kumar said, his client has never accepted such a thing in front of the magistrate.

‘Aftab’s confession is not legally valid’

Experts say that several key conditions were not fulfilled during Aftab’s confession before the judge in the court. That is why this confession does not have conclusive legal validity. Legal experts also questioned Aftab’s confession before the magistrate and called it objectionable. It is being told that Aftab has accepted his crime during the hearing through video conferencing. Although legal experts have termed it wrong.

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Delhi Police wasting its time- former judge

Retired judge of Delhi High Court Justice RS Sondhi said that this is an objectionable way of presence. You don’t know under what pressure he was. He should have been physically present before the Magistrate. Such an alleged confession is meaningless. Delhi Police is wasting its time and enjoying the publicity by leaking such information to the media.

police custody confession is not valid

Experts say that as per law, confession before a magistrate is an admissible evidence and helps the police in solving the crime, but confession through video conferencing and in front of the media may not help the police Because it has no legal validity. The confession made through video conferencing has no legal value as he was in police custody at that time.

Lawyers of crime cases also considered wrong

Criminal lawyer RV Kini also insisted on physical presence before the magistrate and not through video conferencing. He said that in law the accused has a right to know about the consequences of his confession. He is also given time to accept the crime and to think about its consequences. Criminal lawyer Nishant Srivastava also expressed surprise over the confession through video conferencing. He said that if the accused turns away from his statement tomorrow and says that the police was standing on the other side of the camera pointing a gun at him, then what will the police do at that time.

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