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Aftab wants to play with the law, claiming sometimes love for Shraddha…sometimes hatred?

Delhi Shraddha Murder Case: The investigation of Delhi’s famous Shraddha murder case is going on and as the investigation is progressing, shocking revelations are happening in this matter. Now the police is getting suspicious about the attitude of Aftab Poonawala, accused in Shraddha murder case. If sources are to be believed, after Aftab’s polygraph and narco test, the experts suspect that Aftab is deliberately pretending to have a split personality. The police suspect that this could be some trick of the vicious Aftab.

Sometimes the accused is claiming to love Shraddha and sometimes talking about hatred. FSL sources told ABP News that after conducting polygraph and narco tests, psychological experts feel that Aftab is pretending to have a split personality. After both the tests, his behavior is like that, he has surprised everyone.

All this part of Aftab’s plan?

FSL sources said that he gave the same answers during both the tests. It seems as if all this was part of his plan. He was neither refused for polygraph test nor for narco. If experts are to be believed, it has rarely been seen that a criminal cooperates so much in a murder case without any hesitation.

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Aftab is doing drama of split personality

According to sources, when the investigating officer talked to the FSL expert about Aftab’s test about this case, the police were also surprised by the information he gave. Because the psychological expert told that seeing the behavior of Aftab, it seems that there are two different types of people inside him. Which is called split personality or dual personality disorder in psychological language. The biggest reason for which is the sudden change inside Aftab.

Difficulty standing in front of the police

When asked questions, he sometimes says that he loves Shraddha very much, and when asked about killing her, he confesses that he has no regrets by saying that he hates her very much. According to police sources, this behavior of Aftab has become the biggest problem. Because the way he was turning the police on his story. After that, if he manages to prove his mental illness like dual personality or split personality in the court, then the police may find it difficult to punish him. At present, the police do not have any solid evidence other than circumstantial evidence through which they can get Aftab hanged.

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