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Aftab used to read stories related to murder after Shraddha’s murder, Internet history reveals secrets!

Shraddha Murder Case Latest News: In the Shraddha murder case, the police has got Aftab’s narco test done, in which he has accepted his crime. On the other hand, shocking revelations have come from Aftab’s phone and his internet search history. According to sources, Aftab already felt that he would be caught, so he had done complete research to save himself.

According to sources, how to keep himself calm, so that no one suspects, Aftab had read about the stories of many murder cases. The senior officer told that Aftab had also read about many cases on the internet. He was constantly trying to figure out how to keep himself calm. How to change your behavior.

Calling the doctor was also part of the plan

According to the police, Aftab knew that one day he would be caught by the police. For this reason, he was constantly looking for ways to avoid it through the use of internet. If police sources are to be believed, he had called his doctor girlfriend home, so she too could not understand anything. All this was part of Aftab’s plan. If sources are to be believed, he had searched a lot on the internet and later deleted the history as well. Police sources claim that when the report of mobile and its laptop comes from CFSL, then there can be many more revelations.

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This is the allegation on Aftab Poonawalla

Poonawala (28) is accused of killing his ‘live-in partner’ Shraddha and dismembering her body into 35 pieces. It is alleged that he kept the body parts in a 300-litre refrigerator at his home in Mehrauli in south Delhi for about three weeks and then dumped them at various places in the city over several nights. He was arrested on 12 November.

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