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Aftab had cut Shraddha’s body into pieces with a Chinese chopper! threw the weapon near his office

Shraddha Murder Case: There has been a big disclosure in the Shraddha murder case. According to top Delhi Police sources, the accused Aftab Poonawalla used a Chinese chopper to dismember the dead body of Shraddha Walkar.

Along with this, Aftab confessed during the narco test that he had thrown the saw with which he had cut Shraddha’s body in the bushes near his office in Gurugram. Aftab has also revealed to the Delhi Police that he had thrown Shraddha’s head in Mehrauli forests only.

post narco test interview in central jail

During the post narco test interview of accused Aftab, questions were asked for about 1 hour 45 minutes in Delhi’s Tihar Jail. This test was to be done in the FSL office, but in view of the security in bringing Aftab repeatedly, a team of 4 FSL members and the investigating officer of the case reached the Central Jail. Sources tell that during the question and answer there was no sign of wrinkle on Aftab’s face.

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Mobile was thrown in the sea of ​​Mumbai

It has also been learned from Delhi Police sources that Aftab had thrown Shraddha’s phone in the sea in Mumbai, which Delhi Police has not been able to recover till now. Aftab Amin Poonawalla, accused of murdering his live-in partner Shraddha, has accepted his crime in both polygraph and narco test. Even in the polygraph test, “the accused Aftab confessed to killing Shraddha and dismembering her body and throwing it in many areas.”

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