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Accepting the crime and agreeing to everything, can Aftab bring a twist in the Shraddha murder case?

Shraddha Murder Case: A senior officer probing the Shraddha murder case told that Aftab Poonawala is very cunning. He can also bring a new twist in the murder case. He is so clever that the police had no other way but to believe his words.

Aftab is saying yes to everything in interrogation, confessing his crime, giving full cooperation to the police, agreeing to get polygraph and narco tests done. All these things are giving sleepless nights to the police. According to Delhi Police sources, this behavior of Aftab is troubling the police. The police also feel that he misled the Mumbai Police in the beginning, but as soon as he was caught by the Delhi Police, he started telling the whole story like a parrot.

part of the plan

Delhi Police feels that Aftab’s cooperation in custody as well as depositing evidence is a part of his plan. Now the police want to get the narco test done soon. The court had given a date of December 5 for Aftab’s narco test, but the police requested the court to get the test done soon. After this, the court has given time for Thursday (December 1).

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What is the matter?
Aftab Poonawalla (28) is accused of killing his ‘live-in partner’ Shraddha and dismembering her body into 35 pieces. It is alleged that he kept the body parts in a 300-litre refrigerator at his home in Mehrauli in south Delhi for about three weeks and then dumped them at various places in the city over several nights.

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