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8 year old child stuck in the lift, mother said who would be responsible if something happens

Greater Noida: A child gets stuck in the lift in Greater Noida’s Nirala Aspire Society. After about 15 minutes of struggle, he is taken out of the lift. Vivaan (8 years) is very scared because of this accident. His family members have raised many questions on the society management for this.

Vivaan’s mother Amrita said that my child was very scared. Although he is very brave, due to which he raised his voice for his help. This should not happen to anyone. Why do we pay so much money in the name of maintenance to live in the society, when our child is not safe.

What was shown in the CCTV footage?

Amrita said that many people have been trapped in the lift before. Even after this I was told that my child is responsible for this. I was told that the cycle was stuck inside but nothing like this was visible in the CCTV footage. No one wants to take responsibility for this. Who would be responsible if something happens to my child?

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The child’s father Priyanshu Das told that he took 8-year-old son Vivaan out of the lift. They say that we have taken our son out with great difficulty. First the security guard was called and then the maintenance was also called but it took 15 minutes. He told that we give 30 thousand rupees for maintenance.

,There’s no one to watch

Vivaan’s father Priyanshu Das told that there is no secretary in the society, after going to the CCTV room, it was found that the person working there was saying that he had gone to the bathroom. There are 1600 flats in this society. There is only one person to supervise him. He said that I want that there should be some rules in which children should be told how to use the lift.

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