New Delhi: Video of sexual abuse of a woman from North-East is becoming viral on social media. The video is being told of Jodhpur in Rajasthan, where a woman from Nagaland had committed suicide recently. However, Union Minister Kiran Rijiju has denied this and said that this video is not linked to the Jodhpur incident. Along with this, he has appealed to the people to help the police on the identity of the people.

4 boys and a girl raped a woman

In the video that is going viral, four boys and one girl can be seen sexually abusing a woman. During this time, the accused entered a bottle of liquor in the private part of the victim. During this time, apart from making videos, he showed the incident to other acquaintances through video calls.

People linked the video to Jodhpur’s suicide

After people got the video viral, people linked it to the suicide of the woman in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. Please tell that on May 23, a 25-year-old woman from Nagaland committed suicide in Jodhpur and was found hanging on the noose in a rented house. She used to work in ‘Naveen Juice Restaurant’ in Jodhpur. The Rajasthan unit of the Naga Students’ Union said that the owner of the restaurant incurred funeral expenses.

Viral video not of Jodhpur: Kiran Rijiju

The claims that the viral video was referred to as Jodhpur were denied by Union Minister Kiran Rijiju and tweeted, “A video of a woman from the North-East being brutally raped by 4 men and a woman is going viral.” This is not a case related to the Jodhpur suicide case. I have a conversation with the Police Commissioner of Jodhpur. However, the police of all states will have to make every effort to arrest the culprits. Along with this, retweeting the Assam Police’s tweet, wrote, ‘I appeal to the citizens of the country to help the police of all states and union territories.’

Assam Police released photo of the accused

The Assam Police has released on Twitter a picture of the five accused who carried out the rape incident with the woman and said, “These pictures are of 5 convicts who are seen brutally torturing a girl in a viral video. The time and place of this incident is not clear. Anyone with information about this crime or criminals can please contact us. They will be given attractive reward.

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